Everything you need to know about Playfold

Creative Evolution

It’s hard to reward true creativity these days. The internet has been awesome for freedom of expression, but it has also created a chaotic system in which the overabundance of content makes it valueless. Creations are stolen, repeated, it’s a race to the bottom. It is difficult to make a living without a brand that supports you. New ideas are discouraged from emerging.


However, blockchain technology has given us the opportunity to improve many of the flaws in the digital world. From transparency to security and new financial solutions. We can now go back to the tables and rethink the entire system. To mend its imperfections, to make it more efficient and human.


This is why we spent years researching this problem and looking for a solution, joined by technology experts, economists, artists and publishers from all over the world. And by completely redesigning how these parties interact, we believe we have finally found the solution.

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The Platform

The core of the Playfold experience is the natural, creative interaction between parties, which we will encourage, reward and study carefully in order to improve. This evolution is about redefining the human experience in a creative environment. Creativity is not just about the content sold, but how you discover it and receive it. How you relate to the other participants and how you create yourself. This is the true meaning of creative evolution.

The platform will gamify every aspect of commercial, business and interpersonal interactions that usually take place online. Our goal is not only to provide a solid content experience and a valuable solution to creatives and enterprises, but also to elevate the entire experience to reach unprecedented levels of humanity, excitement and engagement.
And the way to achieve it is a game-like, exploratory experience that revolves around a multi-layered decentralised marketplace, where every participant earns and grows using a powerful utility token and our three incredible products.

The Talent Coin

The Talent Coin the unit of value of Playfold’s service, and what we will use to create the conditions for a stable, profitable market that engages people and rewards creativity fairly. The Talent Coin is a utility, used to purchase and trade within the platform until it is redeemed outside the platform, bearing value pegged by the FIAT used to purchase it. Our users buy Talents or gradually earn them with every Activity on the platform.

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Playfold’s first application, the “Activities”, is launching soon in NYC and London. It is the next step in the evolution of creative social media.

With “Activities” you will be able to participate in challenges, contests and other fun games, and be rewarded with TLNTs. It’s the redefinition of social engagement, from scrolling down a feed to creative exercises that get people out there to play and imagine together.
Activities leverage networks across communities. They combine the creation and viral consumption of a marketing campaign, engaging stakeholders with the brand with incentives for encouraging others to explore and engage with the brand as well.

Why chase after every user? Through tokenized incentives, stakeholders apply social pressure to spread your message for you; while crowdsourcing diverse creations of art capable of translating your message to every niche community.

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The Fold

The Fold is Playfold’s innovative proprietary media format. A hybrid vessel that can contain anything you want, from music to video or even physical objects and experiences.

Each fold is described by a digital token that represents access to the content, to keep it safe and authenticated.

Folds are unique. They can be traded, exchanged and sold just like real artworks. And just like real artworks, they can appreciate in value over time.


Playfold will ultimately reach full protocol functionality. At that point, developers will be able to offer creative tools as dApps on the platform, for content creation, management and other experiences.

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