Everything you need to know about Playfold

Creative Evolution

Playfold is a decentralised marketplace where every participant earns and builds their presence using a powerful token called the Talent Coin. Independent artists, developers and brands represent the greatest potential that the internet economy is neglecting. It’s hard to monetise creativity and reward talent.

This is why we spent years researching this problem and looking for a solution, joined by technology experts, economists, artists and publishers from all over the world. And by completely rethinking how these parties interact, we believe we have finally found the solution.

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The Platform

Playfold is built on the Ethereum network, with the sole purpose of giving birth to a new thriving creative economy. The community is engaged with creative Activities and unique content. Creators have access to infinite possibilities through a new medium we call the Fold.

The Instruments used to create Folds are built using our dAPI by developers that offer them in a simple marketplace. Activities, events and content are supported by Partners, who engage the users in more efficient ways. For a much better ROI and a satisfying experience.

A product to excite the audience. An instrument to empower brands. A token to fuel it all.

The Talent Coin

The Talent Coin is the token that powers the entire Playfold ecosystem. It’s an ERC20 token that will become the major unit of value for creative industries to regain independence.

Serving every role within Playfold such as payment of fees, Fold purchases and rewards. It’s a powerful tool for creators to reach their audience in unique ways and brands to generate interest and loyalty. Users who are paid or rewarded with Talent Coin may choose to convert their token funds for values determined by various exchanges, ERC20 exchanges support the Talent token.

Creation of Smart Contracts, purchase of digital goods and services including Folds are all purchased with Talent Coin tokens. Tokens will be stored in individual stakeholder wallets, multisignature group wallets, held by smart contracts and within exchanges where the Talent Coin is accepted.

We want to make it easy for newcomers to purchase, hold and trade Talent Coins.

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The Fold

Folds are a new digital format for content. Immersive experiences creators make and offer on the platform. Creators can create and display anything they want in a Fold.

Music, concerts, videos, live videos, text, pictures, VR and AR experiences, events and activities. The instruments to create Folds (like video editing software or ) are provided by specialised toolmakers in the Instrument Store.

Folds are parts of their profile itself, so they cannot be stolen or duplicated and you don’t have to download anything.

Anything is possible inside a Fold. Creators have only their own talent to follow.


Instruments are the digital tools developed on Playfold using its own dAPI. They are the products and services used to create a Fold.

In the Instrument Store, you will find tools and services of all kinds, ready to offer you incredible creative potential. Production, editing, marketing and ticketing.

Every tool works perfectly with every other, and you can transact with them in the safest, lowest cost way.

Thanks to the blockchain technology and the Talent Coin token.


Activities are the essence of the Playfold experience. They are any form of creative endeavour you take part in. Creating art, hosting events, playing games, etc.

Partners can host Activities instead of traditional advertisements. Playfold gives brands the ability to create fun and engaging Activities that connect with their audience independently or together with creators.

There will be freedom to interact, entertain and grab users’ attention.

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