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Invest Page:

The Playfold Token Sale is Here.

To empower the creative evolution, we are offering preferred equity shares and tokens to accredited investors in the European Economic Area, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Russia. We are offering up to 15% of Equity Shares in the company and up to 60 million Playfold Security Tokens (PFST)

Registrations are open for STAGE ONE of Playfold’s Security Token Sale, where we expect to raise up to $ million from investors, family offices and funds from around the world, AT A 50% DISCOUNT on the nominal price of the PFST ($0.50).

Those who wish to participate will undergo thorough safety and verification measures, as we ensure protection of their investment and privacy, using a secure crypto escrow and the guidelines provided by Swiss jurisdiction.

This is a unique opportunity for selected participants only. Get in touch now!

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